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arislyn's gameplay for Ether Saga (PC)

arislyn played Ether Saga

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arislyn said...
Aside from the pet system, you know what my favorite thing about Ether Saga is? The world chat. Man, is it nice to play a game where you generally don't hear spam or players fighting with one another over completely asinine things. Why is that? Because it costs you real money to use world chat.

In Ether Saga, you can purchase items called "Bells" from the cash shop which allow you to talk on the world chat channel and, each time you chat, it consumes one bell. So, people tend to only use the world chat for things like special trading/sell requests, clan recruiting and the like. It is soooo nice!

I know a lot of people would be put off by that setup. They feel that not allowing a free world chat stifles the community. I can see how it does do that, on a certain level. After all, if you have a question about how a feature works then it becomes difficult to just ask someone unless you head to a major city where people congregate and you can ask in the local area chat. No just asking which you're out in Podunk Fairyfields.

Still, I like it. It's a direct contrast to me from Gates of Andaron, where the world chat contains all the chatter from all the game channels. (The game has one server, but multiple channels you can be on, which are basically copies of the world.) My /ignore list in Gates of Andaron grows by leaps and bounds every day.
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