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arislyn's gameplay for Florensia (PC)

arislyn played Florensia

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arislyn said...
While Florensia isn't a showstopper of a game, there is one thing that I think it does right: personal shops.

I hate personal shops. I hate coming into a town and seeing the place littered with people hawking their wares. They block NPCs, making it hard to turn in quests or buy materials. They cause tremendous amounts of lag. And, if the game has point-and-click for movement, forget trying to move around without accidentally opening a shop every other click. It's annoying as hell.

What Florensia does, though, is sort of combine the idea of an auction house and personal shop. You can have a personal shop, however, it is run through an NPC. What you do is go to the NPC and buy a license for a shop. You then name your shop, add whatever you want to sell, set prices and....walk away. Your shop shows up in a window that opens from the NPC, along with everyone else's shops, just like it would if you went to an auctioneer in other games. (It shows a list of shops to the left and, if you click the shop name, the sale items show up in a window to the right.)

So, while your items are up for sale, you can go on and quest or hang out with friends or whatever. You aren't stuck sitting in town watching your shop and I'm not hassled my an inability to move or get to NPCs.
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