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arislyn's gameplay for My Fitness Coach (WII)

arislyn played My Fitness Coach

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arislyn said...
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Did my first workout today. I'm impressed with this program! The first thing it does is set up a profile for you by asking for your height, weight, resting and active heart rates. Then, the trainer puts you through your paces doing exercises, asking how many of each you were able to do. It also factors in your lifestyle to further customize your workout routine.

The routine I did today was great! It was perfect for my level. I felt I was truly working out but I wasn't pushed so hard that I overexerted myself and quit. That's usually what happens with me and videos...it's too much, for too long and I get discouraged and stop. I finished the entire workout, today, and I'm breathing heavy and sweating but I'm not dead beat.

As far as aesthetics, I like the fact that you get to choose what kind of music you would like to exercise to and you get to choose a setting. You start out in a beautiful, Oriental dojo but, as you progress in the program, a bunch more settings will be unlocked.

I like this. I think I can stick with this.
My Fitness Coach

My Fitness Coach (WII)

Genre/Style: Home/Personal Management
Release Date: 02/DEC/08
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