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arislyn's gameplay for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (DS)

arislyn played Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

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arislyn said...
  • frustrated
I'm so frustrated by this one battle! Ugh! I have to take down a Keck Trading Ship and the bugger has a talent that seems way, waaay over-powered. It's a skill called "Keck Shield" which only costs 9 yellow and 8 green energy but completely refills all of your energy types to maximum.

What happens is the enemy uses Keck Shield and fills up all his energy bars. He then proceeds to keep his shields up (using a skill that does not end his turn, by the way) and then smacking me with his lasers. Once he gets down to where he only has 9 yellow and 8 green energy, he uses it again to refill. So, I'm being hammered mercilessly while I'm trying to get the energy I need to fight back and he's just gliding along like it's nothing.

If I could find some way to drain either his green or yellow energy, I would be doing well. But, I haven't found anything that lets me do that, yet. Maybe I can find something that will clear all of either the green or yellow jewels from the board and if I just spam that sucker, I can win.

As it stands now, I have no hope of beating this thing.
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (DS)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 24/FEB/09
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That same battle has me at a brick wall, too, so I'm simply doing side-quests in the meantime until I get enough experience to take it down.
Yeah, that's what I'm doing, too. I may go out and do some mining. Maybe I can save up enough cash to get a better ship as well as some new components.
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