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arislyn's gameplay for The Chronicles of Spellborn (PC)

arislyn played The Chronicles of Spellborn

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arislyn said...
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I got my spellcaster to level 5 and chose her discipline: ancestral mage. So far, I'm loving this class! But, then again, I've always been a big fan of pet classes and this is no different.

I'm finding it a lot easier to work with the skill deck when I have a creature on hand to do my tanking for me. I think the problem I was having with my warrior is that the twitch reaction is so ingrained in me from games like Diablo and Tabula Rasa that I have a hard time slowing myself down, thinking about what I'm doing and not just madly clicking. With my mage, I have the luxury of not being pummeled by the mob, so I can watch my deck's rotation and more easily pick and choose the most appropriate action.

I think once I've played my mage a bit and gotten myself into the habit of taking things a bit slower, I'll try my warrior again. I simply need to retrain myself.
The Chronicles of Spellborn

The Chronicles of Spellborn (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
124 minutes
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