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arislyn's gameplay for Trickster: Revolution (PC)

arislyn played Trickster: Revolution

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arislyn said...
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So, I tried Trickster for a few minutes, yesterday. I only played for a few minutes because a friend of mine spotted me on Xfire and we started talking, so not much playing got done.

Actually, both my friend and I are in the mood for cheesy, 2D anime MMOs and we're sort of shopping around. I checked the related games here on gDNA when I looked at the Trickster page but didn't see anything else in with the same sort of feel that I'm looking for. I just want something light and fun, something that I can log in and play 15 - 30 minutes here and there to just whittle away a little time. Anyone have any suggestions?

I've already tried games like Maplestory and Windslayer and, honestly, I'm not fond of the sidescrolling games.
Trickster: Revolution

Trickster: Revolution (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
28 minutes
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