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arislyn's gameplay for Mount & Blade (PC)

arislyn played Mount & Blade

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arislyn said...
I had my first real skirmish, today, and was utterly crushed. It was just sad, really. (Of course, it was stupid of me to take on 10 looters with my little band of 3...and that's why I saved before I did! Aha...I know how this works. *wink*)

The main thing that I'm going to have to get used to is controlling my horse. I'm used to using my W key to move forward but "steering" with my mouse. It doesn't work that way on the horse. The horse only responds to the WASD keys and moving the mouse adjusts camera angle. So, I kept finding myself trying to steer with my mouse only to find that my horse is still running in one direction but now I'm looking off over some hills somewhere instead of watching what I'm attacking.
Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 23/SEP/08
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Wish games like this were coop.
Co-op Mount & Blade would be sweet! Can you imagine a whole cavalry of you and your friends riding down enemies? That would be fun!
I played a little more this afternoon and I think I have found the right playstyle for me - mounted archery. I know! I'm shaking my head over that, too. You would think that mounted archery would be harder than mounted melee but I actually find it easier. I don't have to worry about getting close to the enemy or trying to judge which side to approach from.

What I do is ride towards the enemy and cut off part of them by riding through them, splitting them into two groups. My recruits then handle one group and I continue to "herd" the other group, riding in a circle around them and shooting into them. The last couple of fights I've had have had no casualties using this strategy.

I figure as I go up in levels, I'm going to have to modify that as the AI gets smarter. But, for now, it seems to work.
theres nothing wrong with mounted archery, thats the beauty of this game, you play it however you want... i'm just as happy using a longsword on horseback tho :D
Oh, I know there's nothing wrong with mounted archery. I was just surprised that I find it easier than mounted melee. :)
hehe, well fair enough, even i find that a bit odd actually, it took me ages to master mounted archery.. and by master i mean shoot randomly in large crowds of people and get hits some of the time (but it feels oh so good when i get REALLY lucky and its a headshot at full speed from a fair distance)
I think I find it easier because I'm not worrying about steering my horse. I just run him in a circle around the group of enemies and then only concentrate on aiming my crossbow by using my mouse. If I happen to charge into someone, all the better!

What was giving me fits was trying to judge how close I needed to be to the enemy to hit them in mounted melee. I'd run past them, swing my staff and....SWISH! Turn around, take another go and....SWISH! Then, I'd overcompensate and run into the enemy head on which, of course, caused my horse to stop. I'd then get surrounded and beat on.
aah, it helps to have a horse wit a high charge stat, then you only need to worry about the really big groups stopping you
Where do you even get new horses? (Not that I can afford one what with my men, demanding payment for their services and whatnot. Pshaw! Outrageous! :P)

Also, is there a map I can consult? I have a pretty high trade so I've been trying to make some money buying and selling goods. I study the market and it tells me where I need to go to resell for the best deal but I'm having trouble locating the cities.
just go to the big cities,to the markey, horse trader and voila!

as for map, i dont think so, but if you need to get to a particular place i suggest using the encyclopida to find out what kingdom its under, then atleast you'll have an idea where to find it, also the encyclopedia tells you what city its nearest to which helps
I *love* horse archery in that game! My little nomad archer girl is a f'kn BEAST with a longbow and a Steppe Horse! I don't even bother with melee weapons anymore... I carry one longbow and three (yes, *three*) large quivers of the middle level arrows (more per quiver). 120 (or so) arrows later, I just make sure I've been circling my little herd of munchkins back towards my supply chest to reload, and bam, back into the fray!

Back when I was playing a lot I think my hit/miss ratio was 3/1, at full-tilt-boogie and medium range...

But it gets even more fun when you use the third party battle size modifier program to jack the number of soldiers in a wave up! My old computer was able to hand 85-90 soldiers on the field at a time... which makes big battles a LOT more fun, and a LOT less time consuming... (Can you imagine a 350 man melee only going 40 troops at a time?...)

A tip for ya: RECRUIT NAMED NPCs!! That and jack your training skills up on ALL your NPCs... it's cumulative xp on a daily basis! In time, your NPCs will be as high a level as you, and are downright heroic mobs. So much so that without adjusting battle sizes, if you set them to deploy before other troops, you will have almost no casualties as they tear through the enemy whilst your actual soldiers hide safely in the hills, undeployed.

But yeah, between getting obsessive about my horse archery technique and turning my NPC legion into a peasant training machine, it wasn't long before I was outperforming all of the Khan's other armies. Started sieging castles and let me tell you, you will LOVE how archery helps in that!

(I once mistakenly sieged a castle on a turn that an entire enemy army snuck in the back door while I wasn't looking... wiped out my entire army, but with the help of some stolen gear off of dead enemies on the hills outside (a small stack of tower shields) and my neverending supply chest of arrows, I managed to cut down like some 90 soldiers and take the thing all by myself! Took me an hour and a half... did I mention that I'm obsessive?...)

Getting into the inner sanctum was a shocker though. It was the first time I'd ever successfully captured a castle that large and wasn't expecting another half dozen heavy infantry inside! Me and my longbow and my skill-less tower shield... Fortunately a few of my own heavy cav guys spawned on foot next to me, though if it weren't for my named NPC *healer* who tanked that fight for me, it would have been a VERY short (and anti-climactic) ending to what was otherwise a very epic siege.

So be warned! Bring tanks when taking the inner sanctum!! (Best was is to keep a few of your big shield bruisers at the very bottom of your spawn roster when laying siege.)

(Oh and a tip for any powergamers out there: Heavy lance, heavy armor, and a heavy charger allow you to single-handedly take on entire armies in the open field... It's utterly sick. The best (and possible only) way to go if you want to play as a nation-less warlord.)

I hope you'll excuse me spamming up your game page this bad! I'm just a huge fan of this game and haven't talked to you guys in for-EVAR! :) Miss ya'll!

Oh, and I agree, co-op MnB would be AWESOME! >:D I call dibs on all barbed quiver loots! You guys can have everything else. ;D

RE: Maps - There is a cheat that reveals the map for you, very handy, so much so it's almost not even a cheat. :/
@Ecajesoa lol, got a lot to say...

but yeah, its great to see someone so enthusiastic about the game, its incredibly awesome. I have yet to successfully siege a town which i'm not too happy about, but i'll just keep training up my heroes (named npcs) and we'll see about that town :D
wow, you guys made me want to get back to playing this game. any interesting mods you could recommend?
truth is i put too much time into vanilla MnB that i never really wanted to start over in a mod, so not from my end... altough beng a star wars geek... i'd have to suggest star wars calradia :P
being a star wars geek myself (hi 5!), star wars calradia was the very first mod i've installed, not very impressed though
the only other mod i've tried was britain 1297, and altough it was very good (especially compared to sw calradia) i think i'll go back to vanilla for now

and now, to all of those people saying how good m&b coop would be, it might be implemented in the upcoming expansion called m&b warband (will have multiplayer, hopefully coop as well)

@pwwpww hehe i dunno, i was pretty impressed with SW calradia, but i might have been blinded by the lightsabers...

anyway im' pretty sure that warband will only have vs modes for online, which is a shame, but somewhat expected... as awesome as MnB would be co-op it'd probably have to be an MMO to apply this properly
I'm so sleepy right now, but I wanted to pass this along. This is the battle-sizer that lets you change how many troops can be on the field at once. 1-1,000!


This is made of win. Get it. Love it! :D
@Ecajesoa Hehehe! Oh, no worries about the long post! I love hearing from people who are enthusiastic about their favorite games. And, considering that I am so new to Mount and Blade, I'm always eager to get some advice from people with more experience than I have. It makes my gaming experience easier since I don't make as many newbie mistakes. :)

I've only got one named NPC, so far. I forgot her name, unfortunately. (I haven't played since Friday and I just picked her up that afternoon.) Once I have some more money to spare, I'll start picking up more. Right now, I'm a little low on funds and I'm trying to keep enough in my pocket to pay my little band of 14.

So far, I've been playing a "good guy." I haven't attacked any villages. I've just been running around and doing quests for village elders or driving bandits out of the towns. Can you actually take over the towns or do you just pillage and plunder them?

Thanks for the link! I'm going to have to hunt down that map mod. That will make my life as a trader WAAAAY easier!
@arislyn hey, yeah i'm being honourable too, and not attacking caravans or towns... you actually cant take control of a town, but not by attacking it directly, you have to attack the castle it is attributed to, then (if you belong to a kingdom) you can request the king reward the castle (and town) to you... you also get given a town when you declare your loyalty to a kingdom.. although they always give you the crappiest poorest town in the entire kingdom.. but its easy to make it prosper, just do loads of town quests.

by the way.. when i say town i mean the little villages.. not the big fortified cities, those you assault directly.
Ok, so all this talk about MnB got me to reinstall and start playing again. :D (You evil pushers!)

Campaign Tips:

- Early in the game (or anytime you want to train up your commander), solo as much as you can. This makes sure that you gain all the xp that there is to gain, but more importantly increases your renown dramatically as renown rewards are based on battle difficulty. 1 against 30 will easily net you 30-40 renown in just one battle! (Aside from a slight increase in your army size, renown is required for various campaign things later in the game like swearing fealty, becoming a claimant's champion/general, or becoming the kingdom marshall. I think it also plays into a number of social interactions in a more subtle way.)

- Short on cash? Take Prisoners! Doesn't matter what kind, each head is worth 50 gold, so often that's a hefty chunk of your potential loot earnings from each battle right there.

- Need better gear for you or your cronies? Head towards the yellow kingdom down on the shore and wander around. Their bandit alternative to looters are called "Sea Raiders", and while they are death on two feet, you my friend, are on a horse! :D They will chew up your low level troops, but once you get the hang of your chosen method of mounted combat, you will chew them up instead! They are an excellent source of norse helms, burnies (reasonably attractive chain coats), and some really tough leather jerkins. They also have some of the beefier shields and melee weapons.

- Can't decide what to spend your skill points on? Stick to your primary combat skills and anything marked in the skill description as a "LEADER" skill. Only your characters level in these skills will EVER benefit you! Try to "PARTY" skills unless you really want to for RP reasons, or just can't find anything else worth sinking them into. 'Party' skills use the highest skill level of anyone in your group, which lets you either use a specialist, or turn one of the completely untrained henchmen you can get *into* a specialist. Try to keep your henchies focused! (As a side note, the social and tactics skills contribute in very small ways compared to their cost... Nice for RP, or to hack yourself a higher skill value for RP purposes.)

- Get a horse with a high charge value, ASAP! There are different kinds of charging steeds you can get. (As an archer, I use 'Hunter's due to their better maneuverability and speed. A melee type would probably want a 'Charger' for it's MUCH higher armor values.) These are a *great* way to supplement your damage as you steamroll through an entire squad of men charging each for about the same amount of damage an arrow would do. The best part? It's BASHING damage! That means anyone you kill with it can be taken prisoner afterwards!

Sadly, that's all the possible insight I've got to dole out tonight. Someone was asking about mods, and while I haven't really found any I'm to excited about, there are a LOT of Tweaks that you can make to the data files (all editable .txt files). Check on the TaleWorlds forums for more info. Examples of ones I really like are:

- Place a banner on your resupply chest from the very beginning

- Place supply chests for BOTH sides in siege maps

- Change cattle behavior when herding from RUN to FOLLOW (with another tweak to make them fast enough to keep up...)

- Allow access to the town elder from the town menu, in case you're in a hurry (cuts down on RP value if used frequently)

- Edit the frequency with which towns have quests for you (invaluable for raising your status with towns in your domain for recruitment purposes)

- Edit the table of possible recruits (invaluable for major wars when your recruits run dry, but the enemy shows no signs of slowing down)

- Edit the bonuses conferred by structures you build in towns and keeps - As it is, they are NOT worth the gold or the time... :( (Stop messing with my RPs people! Grr.)

- And last but not least, edit the chance that your king will award that keep that YOU just took ALL BY YOURSELF at GREAT COST OF LIFE AND LIMB to YOU, and not Lord Ponce-a-fit, who already has a city, a castle, and three towns; who's one great gift in life is alacrity and skill in LOOSING holdings for your kingdom...

*looks innocent, really!*

(I hope all that spam is of use to somebody here! Now tell those bastages at NCSoft to run more Aion beta weekends! Me wanna play!)
Thanks for all the tips! I'll definitely be using these two:

"- Allow access to the town elder from the town menu, in case you're in a hurry (cuts down on RP value if used frequently)

- Edit the frequency with which towns have quests for you (invaluable for raising your status with towns in your domain for recruitment purposes)"

And I wish i had known about this one earlier:

"- Change cattle behavior when herding from RUN to FOLLOW (with another tweak to make them fast enough to keep up...)"

*laughs* I had a quest to take nine herd of cattle to a village that I just flat gave out on because trying to herd the suckers was nigh impossible. I finally got fed up with it and slaughtered the lot of them for my troops. MmMmmmm....steak!
Wish I could write more, but I'm shipping out in a little bit. Just wanted to share the relief from the evil cow herding with you!

Compilation of 82 tweaks you can make to MnB:
Damn, need to cut and paste that link, don't just click on it. It doesn't pass along the post # information. :(
actually the multiplayer version of this game is coming out soon, i think the end of this year go to youtube and check it out...yeah sorry cant be bothered including links -.-"
@valdosk i think that everyone commenting here has already seen those videos :D

btw you guys, i've only just realised that there is/was a beta for warband, but all there is on their beta website is now:
Application for Mount&Blade Warband Beta Test is over, thank you for your interest.

dang, wish i knew about this sooner
@pwwpww wow.. lesson learned... be more active in forums of games you like....
@KrazyKain i'd rather play the actual game than be active on their forum :P
@KrazyKain I did the same thing with the Aion beta. :( TS Anna even pushed my voyage back a week early, and I *still* missed the last beta event! Fail

MODS: For the folks talking about mods early on in this thread, here is a concise list of the major ones.


I have to say, of the ones I've messed around with, I think I've played more of Custom Settlements than I have of the vanilla flavor of the game! There's also a fantasy one (HordeLands) that is kind of fun, but not nearly as engrossing as CS. I highly recommend checking that one out!
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