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AFK Leveling

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arislyn said...
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I started playing World of Kung Fu and have really gotten into it. I've been having fun running around in my purtiful dress, smacking the crap out of mobs. However, I discovered something about WoKF yesterday that I can't quite decide whether I like or not.

You see, for all the time that you spend in the game killing and questing, you are earning points. These points can be used in Qigong Temple for AFK leveling. That's right. You just sit your butt down in the temple, walk away....and level.

Part of me is tickled at this because, let's face it, it's sort of like cheating and part of me can't help but giggle like a 12 yr old at the idea that I'm getting away with something that I shouldn't. Also, as a gamer ADD sufferer, it's kind of nice to think that I might actually reach the level cap in a game, even though some of those levels will be achieved by doing absolutely nothing.

And, that bothers me, too. If I'm going to gain a level, I want to work for it. I know, I know. That seems to speak directly against what I just said a minute ago. But, I do feel guilty about taking advantage of such a mechanism. I DO feel like it's cheating....sorta. It's like the mechanic in some other games that let you bot legitimately. I've avoided them like the plague because they're just damn boring. If I want to play a game that plays itself, I'll play something like Domain of Heroes.

So, finding this out has kind of tarnished my experience with WoKF. I really don't know whether I want to keep playing, now. Part of me is all, "Yeah! Easy leveling!" and part of me is all "Pfft. Lame and cheap." I don't know if I'll keep playing, now.
World of Kung Fu

World of Kung Fu (PC)

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Release Date: 01/AUG/08
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