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Battleswarm: FPS meets RTS

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arislyn said...
I ran across the site for Battleswarm, today. Take a look at this description from their "About" page that explains how the game works.

"This genre-busting new game pits players of First-Person Shooters against players of Real-Time Strategy in epic online battles waged between elite Human soldiers and massive swarms of alien Bugs. Each player on the Human side takes control of a single soldier in first-person mode, armed with an arsenal of high-tech weapons and armor. Players on the Bug side see combat like an RTS, building hives, breeding bug units, and sending them into battle. This unique contrast of genres provides revolutionary gameplay on both sides.

Enemies in First-Person Shooters used to come in only two types. If you wanted to fight large-scale armies, you had to play against AI. If you wanted to fight other players, you had to fight small squads of evenly matched soldiers. Now Battleswarm provides a new third option: the player-controlled monster horde. For the first time in an FPS, you fight an alien army that is controlled by real intelligence. No longer must you settle for rigid and unrealistic AI. You’ll need every weapon at your disposal to out-fight a Bug army that uses large-scale strategies to exploit your weaknesses and attack from where you least expect it.

As a player on the Bug side, you’ll enjoy a whole new dimension added to the standard RTS. Whereas most normal games feature strong “hero” units with special abilities, no hero in any RTS is as versatile as an FPS player with an arsenal of guns, grenades, and high explosives. But have no fear! You’ve got a wide variety of deadly Bug breeds at your disposal, plus the hives to create more. With an entire army at your disposal, it’s your job to outflank and overwhelm your heavily-armed Human enemies.

Better than two games in one, Battleswarm combines an FPS like no other with an RTS like no other to create a new game genre: the Combat Strategy. Whether you crave the nonstop action of the Human side or the cold and calculating strategy of the Bug side, you’re in for a gaming experience never seen before."

It looks pretty interesting! I haven't delved too far into the site, yet, so I'm not sure exactly how massively multiplayer it is. I don't know if it's a giant, persistent world or if there are lobbies with a limited number of players who can join. Either way, it looks like it could be fun.

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Thanks for the link on this! Was just passing this around the office... sounds really awesome! Worth following!
Dude.. this sounds EPIC. I am really looking forward to this. Thanks!

The improvement of one person controlling the RTS side is so smart. Way better than Savage, where nobody wants to follow orders.
Whoah.. sign up, and you can pretty much download the client.. so their closed beta may not be so closed?
here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-64ExBjRT7c

I worry a bit about the game's engine. The FPS genre really is the bleeding edge of graphical presentation, and this game seems well below the curve. I understand why it is, but will it be enough to be an entertaining shooter?
Whoa! You are right! You can grab the client! Going to do it tonight if I remember. 650MB
I'll give it a shot, just need to remember to download when I get home.
This sounds like an amazing dynamic for gameplay. I'd be all over the FPS side of the map but the juxtaposition of RTS on the other side, controlled by other players is a great idea!

I share the same concern with Grinn but if the gameplay is solid AND amongst friends I could see myself dismissing dated looking graphics. For example - I had tons of fun playing Unreal Tournament 2004 with my homeys.

arislyn, thanks for the heads-up. Very cool!
You're most welcome! *grins* I'll probably be trying this out at some point, myself. The problem is, I can't decide what side I want to be on!
I love when I find out about a game I knew nothing about. I just registered and am downloading now.
This certainly sounds interesting.. Saw the YouTube vid, and I honestly have to say I think they need to get some new blood in their art asset dept. Their models, textures, and environments are all on the umm.. 2004 side of things..
I can forgive dated art as long as the gameplay is good. That's really all that matters, to me. Plus, with it being free-to-play, I certainly don't hold it to the same standards. art-wise, as something that has a subscription fee.
Yeah I agree on the art thing... besides it looks like they have to render hundreds of enemies in the space you are fighting... so I am sure that is challenging.
I kind of want Tabula Rasa 2 now.
I kind of want Planetside 2 now.
*cries* Why did you have to bring up Tabula Rasa? I miss that game so much.
Yeah this thread really reminded me I just want a new game like Tabula Rasa or Planetside. Maybe more like planetside in the fact that you had vehicles, and solid PvP.

I am really surprised we still don't have the ultimate FPS MMO yet. THe Sci-Fi Pew Pew Pepsi to the Fantasy World of Warcraft Coke.
very cool concept. I wonder if it's still possible to get into the beta
Nice, thanks for the heads up :)
Thanks for the heads up, signed up at got in. Saved the exe. on my laptop to transfer to desktop gamer @ home. Nice......
I signed up as rijit if anyone wants to play. Downloading the client now and hope to be playing this evening.
actually the concept has been done before, theres zombie master on STEAM where 1 player rts controls the zombies. and theres Iron Grip the opression, also on steam, 1 guy is an evil general who has huge armies and tanks to rts, and the other team are all fps players... dont get me wrong, this looks awesome, not trying to be a jerk :P
hmm, signed up and downloading now. we shall see if it runs in wine :)
i'll put up a howto on my page if it does!
I still stand by the 'its been done before' thing but i've played it and.. its freaking awesome!!!

but jesus christ how retarded are some of the players... everyones casually shooting bugs from a distance, and trying to get to a flag that on a ledge, theres a ramp but a tree blocks the path.. a few guys are running at the tree trying to go under it with no success... i go AROUND the tree.. get the flag go back around and i am swarmed.. i'm spamming "Cover me" and they are replying affirmative..but do they actually cover me?NO!!!
i manage to actually capture the flag, fending off hordes and hordes of bugs all on my own, i swear both bug players where sending everything they had at me.. as soon as i captured the flag i got overwhelmed, managed to corner myself and keep the bugs at bay with a chaingun until time ran out.... was hella fun but honesty, what the hell was up with my taemmates?!
i successfully installed and launched the game with wine on linux, however, i still run into some troubles. maybe someone can help me?
@booiiing make a windows partition? :)
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