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Dungeon Runners is Shutting Down

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arislyn said...
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It makes me sad to see Dungeon Runners get the plug pulled. It was a fast, fun game that was fantastic for those 15-30 min runs when you wanted nothing more than to whup on some pixel critters. But, I'm also not surprised by it. From what I can tell, they had been struggling financially for some time and had had serious staff cutbacks. They simply didn't have the staff to keep cranking out tons of content or the money to implement new ways to get money.

Here's the official announcement:
Dungeon Runners

Dungeon Runners (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 29/MAY/07
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They haven't been able to sell any ads. All I ever see is the Tabula Rasa ad. They could at least put in an ad for a game they still sell.
Yeah, no kidding.

I know they had been kicking around the idea (way back when) of going to a microtransaction system, but the community seemed horribly opposed to it. I wonder if they could've survived had gone that route? Was this a time when listening to the smaller, loyal community may have been a bad choice business-wise?

(I haven't played recently, so I'm assuming microtransactions were never implemented.)
They were relying on people subscribing in order to get to use the best items. I think there were also some things for sale.
I subscribed and enjoyed it for a long time. I even have the bling gnome. Buying the game was well worth it just for that, in my opinion!

I'm trying to think of why I eventually wandered away from DR and I think it is because that, after awhile, just running and killing can get a little boring. Oh, I always come back to that formula for kicks but I tend to also take breaks from it. I may play Diablo/Sacred/Titan Quest for a few months, quit for a few months and then come back.

I'm not sure that you can get people to subscribe to that kind of gameplay formula for sustained periods.
I know a lot of people really liked DR but I just could not get into it.
It was good for the laughs.
I'm not surprised, I didn't really care for it myself.
Really, I'm surprised it lasted this long. But that's just me.
Darnit another mmo that I was fixing to play gets shutdown before I have the chance to play it, and I still have the installer for this somewhere on my computer too lol.
It wasn't really a true MMO. It was more of a hybrid, like FFXI, with everybody able to meet, trade and team up in the public area, but all the bad guys in private instances.
was FFXI any good, i got the picture that it was pretty awful
I didn't like FFXI at all, you can't solo at all, you have to group just to take a walk, plus it has the worst UI of any MMO I've ever played.
Dungeon Runners is much easier to solo. Just expect to make a lot of trips to the graveyard. There's no death penalty other than time lost, though.

It was good. People just hated it because they thought it was a forced party game which is only partly true. Some classes couldn't solo while others could, in some cases you just had to figure out the right combination of jobs. I was one of the few players to get to max level soloing because I figured out what monsters to kill and stuff on my galka warrior/ninja hybrid.
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