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Made it into the Gatheryn Beta

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arislyn said...
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Yeah! I am so excited about making it into the Gatheryn beta. There are so few games that use the Victorian steampunk setting that I'm really psyched to see what they do with this. Unfortunately, I can't share my experiences with anyone because....well....beta. NDA strikes again!

However, if anyone is interested in it, they can check out the game site at http://www.mindfusegames.com/

Somewhere in another time and place, the Elymian Islands await, promising a world of adventure, luxury, and prosperity. Come and experience the latest breakthroughs in science and industry, sample the newest innovations in fashion, and enjoy all the modern comforts of home -- all made possible by the limitless power of steam. To those lucky few who are granted citizenship in Elymia, a life of endless opportunity can be yours... all in exchange for a little hard work. Won't you join us?

Welcome to Gatheryn, a massively multi-player online game where an engaging, intrigue-filled adventure meshes with addictive, casual gameplay -- all brought to life in a world of Victorian Steampunk. As new arrivals to the Elymian Islands, players will have the chance to join a technological and social revolution, making names for themselves as they create new homes, compete in games of skill, craft the latest in fashion and technology, and build their fortunes.

Gatheryn welcomes hardy adventurers and social butterflies alike: Delve into the fog of mystery that surrounds the cities of Elymia, or strike out on your own, exploring the vast countryside in your own dirigible. The next airship is boarding now -- don't get left behind!
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Congratulations and have fun!
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