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Relaxing in the Waves

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arislyn said...
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I'm currently renting Endless Ocean for the Wii. It's not a "game" game...rather, it's sort of a video exercise in Zen where you swim around and look at all the prettiness. Having read the reviews, I knew what to expect. I knew this was going to be relaxing but what I didn't expect was how addictive it is.

I settled onto my couch and started diving, just enjoying seeing all the underwater life. Then, I get an email from someone asking me to be a dive guide and that they wanted to see a powder blue tang more than anything else. Well, sure! Not a problem. So, I suit up, meet the client and start the dive. Before I knew it, I had spent a solid hour doing nothing but searching for those elusive tangs...but it didn't feel like an hour. I was perfectly happy as I floated around, spotting new fish and going, "Oh, well. That's not the tang but here...why don't we pet and feed it, anyway?"

Also, I got requests to search for lost artifacts in some areas of the ocean. Now, not only am I trying to fill out my encyclopedia of fish (for each fish you discover, an entry is made in the encyclopedia), I am also searching for sparklies on the ocean floor. It's like a giant, underwater hidden object game!

I don't think Endless Ocean is going to be for everyone. If you are looking for a "real" game, for something that will test your skills and give you an adrenaline rush - Endless Ocean isn't going to be your cup of tea. But if you want to take a break from all of those games, relax...drink a little tea....listen to some music...(Did I mention that you can play your own music in this game?)...then you'll enjoy it.

I think I may just tell Gamefly that I am keeping this one.
Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 21/JAN/08
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