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Drumsticks & Nuts

by arislyn on 21/OCT/09 | Back to arislyn's Media

“So, Ive been playing Dragon Oath, lately. It's not a great game, by any stretch of the imagination, but I find that I'm enjoying it, nonetheless.

Here, you can see me (a proud member of the Beggar's Alliance) sitting upon my ostrich mount. I'm also accompanied by my crazy, lightning casting squirrel. That's right! That nutty little guy casts frikkin' lightning bolts at my enemies in the middle of battle. Go ahead....make fun of him. Tell him his head is too big and see what happens...I dare ya!”

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Dragon Oath

Dragon Oath (PC)

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Ostriches and deformed lightning squirrels.. I think that wins some sort of prize o____o
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