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Diosa - Florensia

by arislyn on 14/SEP/09 | Back to arislyn's Media

“Just a screenshot of my explorer in Florensia. ”

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Florensia (PC)

Release Date:
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The GUI is nice looking =)
I agree. It's nice and small. It doesn't feel like it's crowding the screen.

That's my one complaint about Perfect World and NeoSteam. The GUI is huge. It makes my screen feel cramped and small.
Yeah one thing that makes me turn around on a game is the GUI either being too square-ish or non-customizable at all. ie: WoW and guild wars UI are nice, Requiem, shaiya and Perfect world UI are horrible. This one fits really well for the graphics it offers but im tired of FlyFF, Rose and cie graphic types. It irritates me after a while ><.
I actually don't mind Requiem's UI. Since you get to most of the screens through the small icons, I'm happy. It doesn't bother me if things are buried a couple levels. What bothers me is if the actual UI crowds my view of the game....and Perfect World is horrible for that.
yeah looks like an old 1990' game xD
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